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While no one actually "needs" a coach, most people get enormous benefit from an experienced coach in a one-on-one format, a mentor who is an expert in behavioral change strategies, someone who will align with you and help you stay focused. Coaching is a personal relationship that is uniquely tailored to your needs, preferences, and style. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. It is not for people with serious emotional problems. Because there is the option of contacts taking place by phone and e-mail coaching is available to everyone regardless of where you live.


Contacting our deeper awareness and intuition we are able to see our current dilemma or challenge in the context of our hero’s journey. It is a way for spiritually motivated people to have more clarity about what is important for them to do or be. Outcomes may focus on tangible success criteria like career advancement or business development but coaching could just as likely result in attaining more acceptance, healing of the past, heightened awareness, or greater self-support or all of these. I use many different tools and approaches from my years of study and practice to stimulate your deepest knowingness and help you visualize your current situation in the largest context of your life’s path.


  • Help to clarify life goals in work, relationships, spiritual growth
  • An opportunity to identify what you truly want
  • A plan through self-imposed limits and barriers to your success
  • Forward movement, motivation, sustained action
  • Learning about yourself and how to have what you want
  • Discovering inner strengths and resources
  • Support and listening
  • Wisdom and direction

Email Sally at, or call her at 916-409-5060 to discuss your interest in coaching.