Bryce_s (20K)


"I am so grateful for the work I've been doing with Sally. She seems to know what the moment of therapy is presenting and listens carefully so the two of us, together, can dig out that knernel of light I need to follow. The world around me has not changed. I have changed. She teaches me to embrace first, the totality of myself - my conditioning, and then the world, just as it is. I never imagined I would be able to say, "If the night can offer only darkness, then I embrace the night." "This is your work", she says. She came to teach me at the perfect time. "


"I highly recommend Sally as a therapist, counselor, and/or life mentor. I need someone strong to guide me. Someone I can trust who has life experience, is intelligent, savvy, and knowledgeable. I need someone who allows me my freedom to speak and grow yet tells me like it is without judgment. Sally delivers. Very few counselors can keep control of the conversation and cut to my truths. She can. Sally can keep up with me intellectually, has the knowledge (whether from training, experience, instinct or spiritual guidance) and the insight to direct me to the truths I need to explore. I am very grateful for all she has provided me and the growth emotionally and spiritually Iíve gained through her wise counsel."


"Sally has been a mentor and a confidant in my life since 2004. She cares greatly for everyone and shows great empathy and understanding for her clients. She has worked with me over various circumstances to watch me grow above and beyond what I imagined achievable. Today I am the most productive I have ever been and I am a successful person because Sally believed in me. I am grateful Sally has been in my life. The potential I have today is a direct result of the motivation I received from Sally."


"As Therapist and Career Counselor I discovered Sally to be a wealth in both areas. Her life experiences provide empathy to her obvious discipline. Suspecting Devine intervention, and to summarize the depth of my satisfaction: I now have a measure of The Pilgrim's Progress and continue, with peace of mind, in this, The Hero's Journey."


"I met Sally Watkins over 9 years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer. I felt I needed someone to talk to regarding my disease and help me work through the new challenges. Sally was (and still is) the best. She worked with me to help me understand the changes I was going through and how to positively attack the issue. Sally introduced me to several different ways the body can fight and I am still using those methods today. Sally is a true professional, non judgmental and is open and honest (she "tells it like it is"). I still meet with Sally to discuss new issues or maybe old issues that have reappeared. She is always supportive and objective in her observations. I trust her completely."


"I had the great pleasure of working with Sally on several personal issues. I found Sally amazingly perceptive and supportive. Her gentle nudgings helped me work through some deeply hurtful issues and I was able to regain my self-confidence and positive attitude through her counsel. I am deeply grateful and appreciative of Sally's expertise and have recommended her to others who have also benefited from her guidance."

N. H.

"Sally's coaching has truly enriched my life. Her ability to balance empathy with concrete skills-building is second to none. Her words are comforting and her feedback is empowering. The perspectives and insights she offers have helped me cope not just with specific challenges, but were parlayed into a more emotionally satisfying life in general."

C. S.

"I had no idea the day I walked into Sally's office that I was going to begin an amazing journey with such an amazing gifted woman. I walked in a broken and fragmented individual who looked to the outside world to define me. I had no idea who I really was and no idea how to find my way back to myself. Through Sally's wisdom and loving, patient spirit she has gently help guide me back to myself and make peace within. I am so grateful for such a courageous individual who will walk with you into those dark places and will speak the truth that leads to freedom. Then turn and celebrate with you as you find yourself breaking free from destructive patterns and find the truth of yourself that lies within. Thank you Sally, thank you for being the light and guide you have been in my life. It was a blessing to find you."


"Sally is a skilled psychotherapist who has helped me tremendously in working through my relationship issues. She guided me down a path of self-discovery using her intuitive, compassionate approach. Sally has a knack for seeing into the core of each issue and then gently but firmly holding a mirror up to reveal the truth. Her wisdom and experience in understanding people and relationships is unsurpassed."


"Through my work with Sally Watkins I have learned to let go of my preconceived ideas of how my relationships should be. I am able to accept what is and in the process have learned how to set up healthy boundaries and not make other people's problems my own anymore. My new skills take practice but have freed up so much of my energy so I can focus on what is truly relevant to me!"


"Sally Watkins is a therapist with a rich background of experience in both therapy and in life. She has a forgiving nature and a creative mind that allows her to support her clients in many different ways. Her natural depth and insight add a delightful current of light and joy to the therapeutic process."


"I have known Sally for twenty years and was a colleague of hers in private practice for about half of that time. Sally is a caring and supportive person. Her counseling skills include acceptance, careful listening and gentle guidance. She sees her clients in the context of their complete environment and all their relationships. Sally has always valued professional and personal growth which prepares her to better serve her clients."


"I have always come away from any interaction with Sally as having learned something new about myself. She is gifted at being able to listen with the ability to access what is right below the surface and has a gentle approach at bringing it to light. As a colleague, she has provided me with new insights and approaches in dealing with challenging clients. As a friend, she has consistently shared herself openly, allowing herself to be truly vulnerable thereby creating a safe place for me to reveal myself."

Barbara F

"Sally is a bright beautiful spirit-an adventurer on her own path of healing and evolution-an introspective and intuitive guide-a faithful dedicated and professional therapist and healer. She listens deeply. She cares a lot. If you are looking for a gifted counselor with experience and compassion, she is the one."